What to do in Xinxiang, Henan, China ?

Visit Ci Mu's bar of course !

(or order some delicious home-made cakes)





Hello dear visitor.


On this very simple webpage with a really ugly lay-out, I will give you a tip regarding what to do in Xinxiang, which is a city in Henan province (China).


More info about Xinxiang: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xinxiang


Maybe you are a tourist, or you want to visit family or friends living in Xinxiang, or maybe it's a job related trip.


Here are some standard touristic links:




Of course, there are many more websites, and most of them will inform you about the museum, the mausoleum, perhaps the university, and all kinds of other things you are not interested in. Basically, what you read between the lines on all these websites is the following: "You will be bored to dead if you have to stay in Xinxiang for a period longer than 2 weeks".


On this page, I have suggestion for

        those who wouldn't mind eating a delicious piece of cake in Xinxiang; I mean: cake tasting like Western cake, not a Chinese variant;

        those who would enjoy relaxing in a cosy small bar in Xinxiang, spending their time drinking tea, coffee, beer or soft drinks, and eating some crispy chips or a piece of watermelon; I would not recommend the red grapes: I tasted red grapes in Xinxiang, and I did not like them;

        those who love to take a dump or a pee in a neat and clean toilet in Xinxiang (for a change);

        those who like to visit a bar with free WIFI in Xinxiang;


I know just the place for those people: Ci Mu's bar.

Actually, it is not a bar where you will find a lot of people. It's more like a small club. The proprietor - let's call her Ci Mu - is a former kindergarten teacher, who has always loved to bake cakes. At the time, she earned a small extra income baking cakes for parties. One day, she decided to take the risk of giving up her safe job to become self-employed. She opened a small bar (Ci Mu's bar, of course) and started giving baking courses.


And now you can also visit that bar, if you have some spare hours.


I must warn you, however: there are some hooks.

        I don't really know the exact address of the bar. I only know the GPS coordinates. However, in the photos section of this page, you get guidance with some pictures. This might help you to find the bar.

        There is a chance that you arrive in the middle of a baking course session, or at another inconvenient moment. In that case you can try to make another appointment.

        Which leads to our third hook: the chance that you will find someone in or near the bar who is able to speak English (or any language not being Mandarin Chinese) is about ... well... 0%.


Anyway, here are some pictures. Maybe you want to give it a try and visit the bar.


I wish you good luck and a fine afternoon (if you decide to go in the afternoon).


Ohhh, just one more thing: if you visit the bar, can you please say hi from "Heng" to Ci Mu? With some luck, she will understand what you say, and she will know I sent you there :-). However, the chance that you pronounce my name correctly is really small.


By the way: she's my niece.



How to get there


My smart phone gave me these GPS coordinates:

        Latitude: 35.30446

        Longitude: 113.89163


Google says that it is this address:

341 Ping Yuan Lu, Hongqi, Xinxiang Shi, Henan Sheng, China, 453002


As you will see in the screenshots below, that isn't really correct. The bar is in a small road next to Ping Yuan Lu (Pingyuan Road).










You leave Pingyuan Road at this statue: go into a small alley.



You leave the small alley at this point: go into a smaller alley.




Impressions of the bar














































Unfortunately, I did not turn on the light in the bathroom, but you can still see it's clean :-)



Home-made cakes


If you want to impress your friends/family/colleagues while staying in Xinxiang, you can also order a home-made cake at Ci Mu's shop.